Overview of Togg Automotive Brand in Turkiye

Hello dear readers, today I will talk about a Turkish new car brand that was established on 25 June 2018. It will produce the first electric vehicle in the first part of 2023. They are currently working on the preparation phase of the factory and the factory is almost to be completed. It will be the first electric vehicle of Turkiye and Turkish people had some initiatives to produce cars until this brand. When I check Togg’s profile on Linkedin, I have seen plenty of qualified engineers and managers in this brand. I think they will succeed but of course we need time to check the real performance of Togg in the automotive industry. They have difficult rivals in the automotive industry and Togg needs time, high performance and quality to succeed in this area. Of course Togg has some advantages definitely because they began their studies with electric car systems, it is mean they will not waste time with internal combustion cars. If you want to create an original internal combustion car you should struggle with rivals who have over 100 years history with this technology. It means you could not struggle with them and ıt could be a sign of collapse. However, Togg began their projects from BEV systems. Electric cars are partly new technology and I am sure they can catch up to big brands and maybe they can pass them suddenly. Who knows? I have been living in Bursa and Togg plant has been created in Bursa, Gemlik location. It has different hubs in Turkiye and Germany. One of them was created to analyze potential European customers according to information comes from Germany after the start of mass production in the Gemlik factory. I am an Automotive Engineer and I still have some doubts about electric cars but we should accept that the future will be electric cars until we find a solution for hydrogen powered fuel cells. This system is a dream of all automotive experts and manufacturers but it has some problems with storage and transportation problems. We should firstly solve this problem in order to use it in our cars in the future. Anyway, if I talk about the Togg brand, they will begin mass production in the next months, the factory which is located in Bursa almost ready to produce cars, and there is a high effort in the plant construction area even they had a live stream about this construction stages for audiences from Youtube. Lets talk about this new initiative now 🙂

More Than a Car

It is named Togg, ıt is a shortening name which was created from Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu(Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc.). There are 5 different brands in this organization. Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş was appointed to the CEO position of the Togg brand. He has worked in high positions at Bosch company in Germany in the past. Actually, if we talk about Togg we can not focus only on automobile systems because they want to create a different system and they called their product ‘use case mobility‘ which means it will not be a car it will be an electronic product for customers. This mindset could be a breakthrough for the automotive industry. If we can analyze use case words we can see this detail in these words based on User-centric, Smart, Empathic, Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric words’ first letters. They will refer to Nokia and smartphones competition in the past and they will try to change automotive industry demands. Togg promoted their first sedan model in CES2022 and actually it was a good point because they did not promote from automotive promotion shows and they wanted to begin to promote from Consumer Electronic Show, it means Togg look their products like an electronic appliances, unlike an automobile because changing will start from this point of view. They shared a new Togg logo in the previous days, Togg officials explained this logo name, it is a symbol of the west and east blend and this symbol(<>) is a command in programming language at the same time. Togg will sell their first C segment SUV electric car in the first quarter of 2023. They will continue with C-Sedan, C-Hatchback, B-SUV, B-Hatchback and MPV. Gürcan Karakaş said that when they see a potential model that may occur in the future they can produce them as well. This means they can also upgrade some models to provide demands from customers. They will begin with the C-SUV model because this model is very popular in European countries’ car marketing and this detail could have effected their marketing strategy. If we evaluate automotive industry profit shares for the future, If a car maker brand will produce cars and sell them, they will make only 60% profit, other 40% profit will come from mobility solutions, autonomous systems, BEV spare parts, data and connections in 2035. If we compare 2018 and 2035 profit shares this rate was only 99% – 1% in 2018. There is an amazing difference between the two years and ıt means the automotive industry’s demands and appearance will change in 15 years. It is a very important point and probably the Togg team has caught this detail and they will create their marketing studies with this data about the future. Togg signed an association agreement with Farasis which is an electric car battery brand from China. This new battery brand was named Siro and studies will start to produce electric car batteries also in Turkiye. Farasis is the most popular battery brand in China and they are the second most famous battery brand in the global world at the same time. I think Togg will not be only a car maker, they will participate in the charging stations industry and maybe they will create an application to provide periodic rental car jobs in the future. They cooperate with game brands in Turkiye as well and probably they will develop some virtual applications for customers. Togg will try to create different things for customers and Gürcan Karakaş divides this situation into an old and new era for automobiles and he said that we will not talk about engine horsepower anymore because we will talk about processor power in the future. Of course these new cars will need cyber security also and I think they have some studies about this detail. There is no information about prices, service network and distribution agreements but they have already begun to give training for Turkish firefighters on how to deal with the electric cars fire scenarios.

General Technical Information About Togg

Togg is still developing its systems and they should provide some specifications to begin to produce this model in their plant. They also have the cleanest paint shop in Europe. It means they will pay attention to carbon footprints while they produce this model in their plant. When they start to produce this C-SUV model they will produce 1 automobile in each 6 minutes, they will aim to reduce this time from 6 minutes to 3 minutes in the future. They completed all supplier agreements also and these suppliers’ 75% from Turkiye and 25% from foreign countries. Togg will have a 51% indigenousness rate and they aim to reach 68% indigenousness rate in 3 years. The vehicle has a lithium ion cell and ıt will have 2 different battery packages with a range of 300 km and 500 km depending on the battery capacity with a single charge. The vehicle will be over 80% charge quantity within less than 30 minutes and it has a regenerative brake system also. The vehicle is planned to be produced in 2 different engine power options, 200 HP with rear wheel drive and 400 HP all wheel drive. The top speed of the vehicle will be 180 km/h. In the 400 HP version 0-100 km/h acceleration takes 4.8 seconds time and in the 200 HP version it will take 7.6 seconds time. The vehicle will have 4G and 5G internet connections also it will take updates from the plant with this connection. Potential a breakdown or other scenarios officials will interfere with remote service. The vehicle will have 3rd level autonomous drive features as well. Togg will be a global player in the automotive industry. All points can demonstrate this expectation but of course we should wait to see some tangible sample about its performance. I said before there is no information about its price but Gürcan Karakaş said it will has competitive prices with normal C-SUV models.

We have this information about the Togg brand currently and I hope it can be successful in the automotive industry. As an automotive engineer and I would absolutely like to be part of this organization. We will see new information about Togg and I will wait for customers of Togg comments about the C-SUV electric car of Togg. There is an effort obviously and I hope this effort can find responses from customers who have been living in European countries especially. Good luck Togg 🙂

If you dont like something, change it. If you can not change it, change your attitude.

-Maya Angelou

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