What is Octane Rating ? Everything About Octane Ratings ?

Hello dear readers, I wanted to make new things about my blog website and I decided to prepare an English blog post for you. I am not a native English speaker but I have been learning English for 1.5 years. I know I must have good English to prepare this type blog posts in English language but I will try to make something different then I am preparing this blog post for you. I hope I can further develop my language skills through this blog post studies. If I make some grammar or other mistakes in this blog post, I will wait your understanding, I hope I can succeed in this new initiative 🙂

Today I want to talk about the ‘Octane Rating’ topic, when we go to a gasoline station to buy fuel for our vehicles, we can see this term on signboards in gas stations. What is octane rating why should we pay attention to this octane rating? Firstly we should know that, octane rating is related just cars which have gasoline engine. Probably you may ask this question well what about diesel engines ? If we talk about diesel engines we can use ‘cetane rating’ and this topic is different because we will talk about octane rating today. If we imagine an internal combustion engine working system, we should know firstly this precious information about them. Gasoline engines should spray gasoline to create an ignition in engine. Spark plugs are used to form this ignition process. Generally car engines have 4 different timing and we can refer to 4 stroke engine system. 1- Intake stroke, 2- Compression stroke, 3- Ignition stroke, 4- Exhaust stroke.

What is Octane Rating Mean ?

Octane rating is resistance against advanced ignition timing(early ignition timing). When the piston is located at the Bottom Dead Center in the cylinder, the intake valve will open and the fuel mixture will enter the cylinder. Then piston will move upward and this piston will compress this fuel mixture. Gasoline engines generally have 8:1 between 13:1 compression ratings(depending on type of engine) and when this piston compress this fuel mixture, temperature will increase in the cylinder. If we want to create an ignition, the spark plug should create a spark to this hot fuel mixture then we can earn an ignition and this piston can make cycle from bottom dead center to top dead center a lot of time in a minute. However, we can sometimes see some problems in this process, when we compress this fuel air mixture, this mixture could be ignited before this spark plug working time. It is a big problem for our engine and other car systems, all systems will not work standart level and engine pieces will be affected from this problem. This octane rating can solve this early ignition time problem, octane rating is an important detail for this problem because I explained before octane rating has resistance against advanced ignition timing problems. When our engine increase this compression rate, it is a good news for us because our cars can produce high performance with this activity. Every gasoline types of engine have a specific octane rating and we should control user manual to find appropriate octane rating for our cars.

There are Which Types Octane Ratings ?

There are different octane ratings but generally we can see 89-91-93-95-98-100 octane ratings currently. Generally gasoline stations which are located in Turkiye, they have only 95 octane rating as well. These rating differences are based on oil producer brands in the world. They can sell their oil with this various octane ratings, car makers produce their engine according to these oil standards, as a result we can not say 95 octane is better than 98 or another comparison will not be healthy because each engine systems have specific octane rating. Yes, high compression is a good thing for our engines because our engines could produce high performance but only octane rating will not give us high performance.

Finally if I want to explain this system, we should buy gasoline according to our type of our engines because car makers prepare a user manual to solve this type confusions for their customers. Generally people have some confusion about these octane ratings and I wanted to explain it. I hope I can succeed because it is my first initiative to prepare an English blog post.

Thank you..

Sadece çok ileri gitme riskini alanlar ne kadar ileri gidebildiklerini görür.

-Thomas Stearns Elıot

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