The Differences Between Horsepower and Torque

Hello everyone, I would like to talk about horsepower and torque topics in my blog post today. Actually generally car drivers know these terms because if we want to buy a new car, we can pay attention to these features about cars. What are their mean and why we should pay attention to these features, I wanted to prepare this blog post because of this reason. Firstly these specifications describe the power of cars and they are so important data about cars, we can estimate car performance with these data in handbooks that are related to cars

What is LPG Fuel and How Does It Work?

Hello dear readers, nice to see you again in my blog post. I will talk about LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) fuel for automobiles. LPG is gas but when it is exposed to pressure, this gas can turn into liquid. It can store, package and transport easily, they are advantages of LPG. Actually, there are different types of fuel species for automobiles but when we talk about only popular ones we can array them as Gasoline, Diesel fuel, Electricity and LPG. Of course, we can add Hybrid car systems to this list but hybrid systems including already gasoline and electricity for this reason I will not add it to this list. LPG was used to start automobiles in the 1930s. Actually, there was some political strategy under this project because some countries wanted to reduce their fuel addiction ratio and they decided to find some alternative fuels for their automobiles.

Overview of Togg Automotive Brand in Turkiye

Hello dear readers, today I will talk about a Turkish new car brand that was established on 25 June 2018. It will produce the first electric vehicle in the first part of 2023. They are currently working on the preparation phase of the factory and the factory is almost to be completed. It will be the first electric vehicle of Turkiye and Turkish people had some initiatives to produce cars until this brand.'da bir web sitesi veya blog oluşturun

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