Why We Should Prefer Electric Automobiles

Hello dear readers, nice to see you again in my new blog post. We will talk about an important issue for the future development of automotive technologies. Generally, automobile drivers can claim that they know good knowledge about electric cars or some people directly accept that electric cars will be the most popular vehicle in the future. I wanted to prepare a blog post about electric cars because of this reason and I will talk about electric car systems and their advantages and disadvantages. Firstly I want to start from the beginning of electric car history. Everyone knows electric cars' history is very old like internal combustion engine history but why these people did not prefer to use electric cars and why did they want to improve internal combustion engine technology?

What is Octane Rating ? Everything About Octane Ratings ?

Today I want to talk about 'Octane Rating' topic, when we go to gasoline station to buy fuel to our vehicles, we can see this term on signboards. What is octane rating why we should pay attention this octane ratings ? Firstly we should know it, octane rating is related just cars which have gasoline engine.

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