Why We Should Prefer Electric Automobiles

Hello dear readers, nice to see you again in my new blog post. We will talk about an important issue for the future development of automotive technologies. Generally, automobile drivers can claim that they know good knowledge about electric cars or some people directly accept that electric cars will be the most popular vehicle in the future. I wanted to prepare a blog post about electric cars because of this reason and I will talk about electric car systems and their advantages and disadvantages. Firstly I want to start from the beginning of electric car history. Everyone knows electric cars’ history is very old like internal combustion engine history but why these people did not prefer to use electric cars and why did they want to improve internal combustion engine technology? Actually, we can find valid answers for this choice in past. Cars that have an internal combustion engine had some problems with the first movement of these cars. Also, electric cars have some problems with a lack of range because these electric cars had a maximum of 30 km range in past and it was a big problem in front of electric car technology. When engineers found the starter motor, internal combustion engine destiny changed suddenly and people wanted to use these cars and car manufacturers wanted to prefer to improve internal combustion engine technology in past. Everything was good for internal combustion engine technology and car manufacturers but people realized their mistakes against nature and the world. Thus governments and communities decided to change something in this case. Climate change and global warming are big problems for the future of humanity and we need to change something to stop these problems. Actually, it is not a choice, it is a necessity for people and we need to reduce our carbon footprint rates. European Union countries signed Climate Law to target net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Also, car manufacturers need to reduce their emission rates to under 95 gr/km in their cars otherwise they will face very high penalties in the future. Especially cars which have diesel engines have a lot of problems with these emission rules because this fuel is so harmful to nature. If we compare diesel and gasoline engine emission rates probably gasoline cars may continue to use by people long time than diesel cars. Diesel cars are more harmful than gasoline cars to nature and because of these problems most governments already banned diesel cars. Probably, transportation vehicles and heavy-duty machines which have diesel engines would continue to use diesel in work areas such as transportation, and construction. Also, the Tesla brand acted a big role in this transformation of the automotive industry from internal combustion to electric vehicle systems. They proved electricity technology for customers and when people met this new technology, people wanted to change their demands from car manufacturers. Tesla Motors is the most precious car brand currently in the world and they want to expand their work area from America to Europe continent. They can get orders from European customers but transport prices affect their sales performance, they decided to solve this problem and they created a big factory in Berlin in Germany to find a solution to this transportation prices problem. Tesla Motors was established in the USA in 2003 and Elon Musk took over it in 2008, when we evaluate this performance we can understand the potential of electric car marketing because only 19 years later from its establishment this brand arrived at the first rank in all automotive brands list. If we want to know why this industry changed suddenly from internal combustion engines to electric cars, we can array these reasons; Governments and communities created new laws about greenhouse emissions of cars and these laws forced car manufacturers, secondly climate change and global warming are big problems for humanity and we have to abandon to use these internal combustion engines and last one Tesla Motors and Elon Musk proved power of electric cars’ potential to use them in future.

What are Electric Automobiles Benefits

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages opposite to internal combustion engine systems. Of course, there are still some problems with electric automobiles and there are big investments for research and development projects from big manufacturers. If I talk about automobiles that use fossil fuels have problems with greenhouse emission rates. Also, they are not highly fruitful vehicles, they can lose their mostly energies because of heat and friction conditions in the car. We can determine this losing energy rate is approximately 70%- 75% for gasoline engines. If we want to use an electric engine we would not lose this energy because electric engines can use their all energy without losing them because of heat or friction problems. The electric engine has a simple working system. There is a rotor in the middle of the engine and it can produce a rotary motion thanks to N and S poles. This rotor can produce rotary motion because of this magnetic field and electric engines have this simple working principle actually. Also, there is no necessity to use transmissions in electric automobiles because we can get high torque power directly and we will not use transmission or we will use only simple transmission. It is another advantage of electric vehicles. Actually, almost every automobile piece will change with this revolution in the automotive industry, this pieces such as all filters, transmissions, powertrain, heating and cooling systems will not use in electric automobile systems. Electric automobiles will earn fresh energy thanks to regeneration technologies in these automobiles. Actually, I can describe this system as a modern engine brake because when we take our foot off the gas pedal, we will feel this system because these types of automobiles will slow down with this regeneration technology. All automobile systems will work with electric energy taken from batteries. Electric automobiles have high power because we can utilize this energy without any loss of energy in this automobiles. We will see good driving conditions for instance these automobiles will have high skills to take the bend because of their center of gravity arrangements that are close to the ground and they will be good features for drivers. There is no necessity to go to car services until malfunctions, accidents or other problems because they will be longevity vehicles for drivers. We will see more volume in our cars because electric automobiles will not use many pieces like internal combustion cars, it means we can see spacious interior designs in these electric automobiles. If we evaluate these and other advantages of electric automobiles, they dont have any rivals in this technology currently. Of course, we can array hybrid and range extender technologies against electric vehicles but probably these systems will be intermediate forms to pass from internal combustion engines technology to electric vehicle technology because we can not compare these technologies to each other in any case, electric vehicles are unrivaled technology for future of the automotive industry.

Some Doubts About Electric Automobiles, Estimated Solutions for Them

Generally, people have some doubts about electric cars due to a lack of information about these systems. Yes, there is a lot of content on the internet about them but generally, people don’t want to use lean language to give this information to people. But this technology came and they are not a dream. Each year 80-90 million automobiles are produced by car manufacturers. According to investigations, we will see over 169 million electric automobiles in the world by 2030. Electric automobiles have two serious problems currently they are range and charging time problems. People can be scared of these problems to prefer electric cars but I think Tesla has already shown some evidence of solutions to these problems. Of course, drivers should wait at least 1 hour to see 100% full batteries but these battery technologies will enhance in the future, and also drivers can plan their journey before leaving their house or work. Also, we will find a lot of charging stations everywhere in the future. The lithium-ion battery is the best choice to use in electric automobiles currently because of its high energy density. Actually, lithium has high energy and we use ion elements to reduce lithium battery heating while it is used on battery in a car. Some people have some doubts about electric automobile batteries but I think it is not correct because batteries have high technology and also car manufacturers give 7-8 years guarantee about their batteries quality. Of course, these batteries will lose their capacity during their use time and we can think of our phone batteries to imagine this situation but when we use a battery in our automobiles after 8 years this battery will lose approximately only 30% energy capacity and it means we can use this battery for other areas. It means they will not be scrap and we will utilize them even after their lifetime in our cars. Also, some brands have some goals for this work area and these brands want to create plants to repair batteries, when they renew these batteries it will good initiative also for nature and humanity. These automobiles will be like other electronic devices and autonomous technology will accompany the improvement of electric automobiles. Also, this high technology means other people can hack these products and it might be a dangerous problem for users. But I guess these technologies will improve in the future, and car manufacturers will find solutions to these threats also.

I hope this information may be useful for you and also I want to add my opinion about this topic. I am an automotive engineer and I have seen only internal combustion car systems in my education at university. I had some stereotypes about electric cars and also I think the internal combustion engine has adorable technology but we should accept something for the automotive industry and we should tend to support innovations in everything. Of course, the classic automotive industry will not change suddenly because we are talking about over 100 years of history and automotive culture, it means millions of people who work in this automotive industry and millions of customers. There are a lot of car manufacturers and sub-industry companies. I think these companies have time to change their systems according to new innovations in this industry. For instance, I am living in Turkiye and Togg brand was established in 2018 and its main goal is to be an electric car manufacturer. Also, the VinFast brand which is from Vietnam, they are new in this electric vehicle industry ıt is another example of this transformation in the automotive industry. It is a good chance for new brands which want to participate automotive industry. Some car manufacturers which evaluate these transformation opportunities just in time will be successful in the future of the automotive industry.

I have missed more than 9.000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

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