How Pininfarina Shaped History of Design of Automobiles

Hello dear readers, nice to see you again in my blog post. We will talk about the Pininfarina brand today, Carrozzeria Pininfarina was established on 23 May 1930 in Italy by Battista Farina. Maybe you can think his surname is Farina but his brand name is Pininfarina, actually he changed his surname from Farina to Pininfarina because of his nickname. Pinin was his nickname and it was mean the smallest brother, he got this nickname because of his short stature. He decided to use Pininfarina surname for the next term of his life, and also he used this name for his design studio brand. Today we will talk about this design studio brand and some famous designers who worked for big brands and created new car models in past. If I talk about the first term of production and design of cars actually there was no design culture in this term because car brands did not arrive in this culture in the early years of the automobile industry. Generally car makers produced automobile chassis but there were no designers or producers which can produce car bodies(coachworks). When some brands wants to produce an automobile, they had to use these bodies that were produced for horse-drawn vehicles due to a lack of design experience in automobiles. Actually there were no car designers at this time in the world and generally, engineers who have experiences in the aviation area worked on these projects because of their high proficiency in aerodynamic issues in the early years of the automotive industry. When Ford Model T was released, car manufacturers decided to change their production and design systems with this mass production initiative in the past. Automobiles’ designs are so important for consumers and when a customer wants to buy a new car, they can pay attention to design criteria, car manufacturers solved this detail and they decided to tend to extend their product varieties. All car brands have design teams in their plants, but many design studios were created in the past to produce new car designs to help these car manufacturers. Pininfarina is the most popular one of these design studios. They designed a lot of car models for big car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Maserati, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Daewoo, Opel, and others. Pininfarina cooperated with these car brands but Ferrari and Pininfarina’s cooperation was different these common studies helped both brands and they produced memorable car projects together. Design studios have important responsibilities currently for industries such as automotive, aviation, architecture, consumer electronics, transportation, furniture and home appliances. Also, Pininfarina serves all of these industries in terms of design to production stages.

How Pininfarina Became a Design Leader in Automotive Industry

Battista Farina was working in Fiat company as a designer with his big brother. He worked in the aviation industry during World War 1. After that, he decided to visit the USA to recognize new trends in design and other industries. When he returned to Italy he decided to begin his design projects in this place. He formed Pininfarina in 1930 to focus on the design and construction of new car bodies. Also, his nephew was Nino Farina who was the first Formula 1 world champion. Pininfarina and Ferrari’s cooperation began in the 1950s and their harmony was great, both companies utilized these cooperations. Pininfarina decided to extend its workforce and it created a plant in Italy. Pininfarina started cooperation with Alfa Romeo, they designed the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider model and this model was the first car that was produced by Pininfarina for Alfa Romeo. In the later years, Pininfarina made other cooperation with many automotive brands, they provide design services for automotive brands. If I array them we can say these car models such as Peugeot 306, Cadillac Allante, Ferrari 456 GT, Ferrari 458 Italia, Maserati Granturismo, Alfa Romeo Spider, Ferrari F430, Maserati Quattroporte, Daewoo Lacetti, Peugeot 406, Honda Beat, Mitsubishi Lancer, VinFast VF 9 and Togg. Pininfarina is a so productive brand and they achieved great accomplishments but on December 2011, Pininfarina announced it would finish automotive production because of some economic problems. Also, Pininfarina sold its 76% share to Mahindra brand which is an Indian company in exchange for 168 million Euro in 2015. Pininfarina headquarters and design center are located in Italy and also Pininfarina has other branches in USA, Germany and China.

Some Famous Designers in the Automotive Industry

If we want to create a car design, it is not enough to draw something on paper, unfortunately. It is a very complicated process and generally big designer teams can work with other departments in automotive companies. Automotive design is quite a hard matter because of many specifications to create a car. We can look firstly car’s design but one designer should pay attention also to the security, producibility, aerodynamics, cost, materials, and appearance of a car. Big teams should work together because the exterior and interior designs have differences and if we want to produce a car we should find hundreds of designers. If I talk about some specific automobile designers who led the automotive industry with their designs in the world. We can array them Battista Pininfarina, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Giovanni Bertone, Aldo Brovarone, Walter De Silva, Gorden Wagener and Murat Günak.

I hope you can like this blog post, I wanted to talk about some design processes and explain the Pininfarina studio company. These men deserve good words because of their high effort to contribute automotive industry. Maybe you realized it like me, when we check car designers we can see many designers who are from Italy. Renaissance began in Italy and generally Italian people have an interest in art. Their enthusiasm for design and art should come from their culture since the Renaissance period in Italy. This culture formed their broad imagination and we can see good car designs thanks to these people.

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