The Differences Between Horsepower and Torque

Hello everyone, I would like to talk about horsepower and torque topics in my blog post today. Actually generally car drivers know these terms because if we want to buy a new car, we can pay attention to these features about cars. What are their mean and why we should pay attention to these features, I wanted to prepare this blog post because of this reason. Firstly these specifications describe the power of cars and they are so important data about cars, we can estimate car performance with these data in handbooks that are related to cars. There are some misunderstandings about these features and people can believe them. Horsepower and torque identify engine power, both data are so important for engines and people can select cars according to their drive style with these data about the engine. These measurements have different norms which describe these measurements such as DIN(Deutsches Institut für Normung), SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers) and ECE(Economic Commission for Europe). We should consider these norms when we want to check horsepower and torque figures. These norms have some distinctions and these distinctions are related to the measurement style of engines. Let’s begin to check horsepower and torque distinctions and means.

What is Horsepower in Cars?

Actually, probably everyone could have heard this word before and horsepower is more popular than torque. Generally, car drivers are interested in only horsepower and it is a mistake because horsepower and torque differ from each other and we should pay attention to both features. Horsepower is a measurement of engine power and this measurement was found by James Watt who is a Scottish inventor and engineer. James Watt was inspired by horses’ power and he wanted to use this description for steam machines. James Watt tried to create a new measurement to distinguish steam machines’ power because there was no any measurement to compare these machines’ performance. Firstly he found this calculation that 1 horse carries a burden of 45 kg in 1 second to a distance of 1.11 meters. After that, he changed this burden from 45 kg to 75 kg and this calculation was named Horsepower. Currently, car brands use these values to describe their engines’ power, also car brands can use kilowatt(kW) instead of horsepower. I said before horsepower can describe a car engine’s power but actually we can not see this performance on car tires because these values are calculated from the flywheel output. It means if we can talk about a 100-hp engine, it is not mean we can see this power of our tires, we can not see the entire power because this energy will lose through moving parts of cars such as transmission, shaft, differential and axle. Also fuel quality and variety, gear rates, tire quality and size can affect this power loss. We know generally horsepower but some car brands can use also kilowatt(kW) unit, 1 HP = 0,745 kW. If you can see a kW unit in your handbook of cars, you can convert by getting help from this formula. Horsepower is so important for automobiles and it is a tractive power, car performance is related to horsepower but only high horsepower is not enough to arrive at high speed without help from torque.

What is Torque in Cars?

Torque is another unit for automobiles be described their performance but generally drivers can focus only on horsepower value and it is not the correct perception actually. Torque is a twisting power. When we press the gas pedal these two values work together to find good performance from our cars. The first movement is related to torque because torque is a torsion power. Once the car arrived enough acceleration, and horsepower will help you get up to maintain speed for your drive. Torque is an important factor to pull something and maintain movement on slopes. When you press the gas pedal suddenly and if you have a car that has a high torque rate you will feel this acceleration and probably you will repose to your seat because of the high acceleration effect. Especially torque rate is effective for vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors and automobiles. Transmission gear rates are so important in this area because we can change torque values by transmission gear rates. Engine downsizing mentality and turbocharger technologies effected engine power limits. We can arrive at high horsepower and torque rates with small engines. Especially turbocharger systems increased torque rate and generally car brands tend to use these systems.

As a result, both values are so important for us and when we decide to buy a new car, we can check these values of the car. Also, there is a relation between both values and we can not say that if your car has high horsepower it should be so fast or if your car has high torque it should be so strong. Both values can effect each other and car performance. I will give you the last example to describe these values differences easily. All of us know drag races and if these cars have high torque they can start fastly and torque value is so important for this starting movement for these cars that are used in drag races. Another example is related to Formula 1 cars if these cars want to arrive at high speed in these races, they should have high horsepower because Formula 1 drivers can use their cars with full gas, there is no intermediate acceleration. Of course, we should not forget transmission gear rates, speed range and other things which can effect car performance 🙂 I hope you can get useful information from this blog post, I wanted to write about this interesting topic and I hope you can like this blog post.

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